Products To Try

I recently went window-online shopping at Sephora and they have a lot of awesome goodies that I want to try out so badly. Lets get to the list of products that I want to try out.

  1. NAKED – Smokey Eye Palette
    NAKED Smokey Eye PaletteI love all the colours that they offer for this new palette, they look absolutely stunning and I can see some amazing combinations from this palette. When does Urban Decay disappoint, honestly.
  2. Sephora – Airbrush Concealer Brush #57
    Sephora Airbrush Concealer BrushThis brush looks beautiful, and I’ve been really wanting a new concealer brush that one I have I don’t fully like. When I was in the store this brush looked like really good quality.
  3. YSL – Touche Eclat Blur Perfector
    YSL Touche Eclat Blur PerfectorAs stated on Sephora “A blur perfector compact that perfects the skin while retaining its luminous glow”, who doesn’t want a little bit of glow to there skins.
  4. Origins – Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay
    Origins Original Skin MaskAnything with rose in the name, you have got me. As well, it states “Pores appear to vanish and clarity is restored for a radiant, youthful-looking complexion that’s silky-smooth to the touch.” I definitely wouldn’t mind trying this mask out to see if my pores appear smaller, I definitely have that issue on my nose.
  5. YSL – Volupte Tint-In-Oil
    YSL VolupteI would love to try the YSL, in the lip colour Undress Me 3, it looks to be a gorgeous colour. And I constantly hear amazing things when it come to YSL lip products. It’s definitely on the pricier side but if I just invest in the one colour that would be amazing.

Top 4 Mascaras

Hello Everyone,

I’ve recently noticed that there are four (4) main mascaras that I’ve really been loving and using on a daily basis and just love everything about these products. Here are the four I’ve been into…

Buxom Lash Mascara (High-End)FullSizeRender (1)
I love that this product doesn’t clump up your lashes at all, and what’s funny is that I was definitely worried that the big wand would actually do that. I find that these bristles are perfect for grabbing all of the lashes and really pulling them along. This product last quite long, I know you shouldn’t have your mascara for long but this one is still in good standing.
Score: 9/10
Price: $24 (Sephora)

L’Oreal – Voluminous Million Lashes  (Low-End) FullSizeRender (4)This mascara definitely does what it says, VOLUME. I love the bristles, they are short and don’t move intensely so once again you can grab all the lashes. What I also love is that for a big bristle it seems to work perfectly for my fair and sparse lashes. The formula is also good, its not to wet but also drys a bit slowly so its easy to work with.
Score: 8/10
Price: ~ $12-14 (Shoppers Drug Mart)

Dior – Maximizer Lash Plumping (High-End)

FullSizeRender (3)
What can I say about this base mascara, is that I LOVE it. It’s a perfect base for your mascara and it doesn’t leave them white at all. I got this one as a sample when I was at the Dior counter, and I fell in-love with it. I’ve been using this every time I put on my mascara. It helps to set your lashes so that way when you put on the actual mascara it’s already set in place and the sole purpose is to darken the lashes.
Score: 8.5/10
Price: $36 (Sephora)

Covergirl – Clump Crusher (Low-End)

FullSizeRender (2)This mascara isn’t fully black, its actually black-brown. I always love to have that option in my mascaras for the days that I don’t want intense black lashes, usually for work. Again some of my favourites from this mascara is the bristles, the formula is nice and smooth. Definitely doesn’t give you any clumps, the formula is a little more on the wet side so you have to be careful when applying. I would definitely recommend this low-end mascara.
Score: 9/10
Price: ~$8-9 (Shoppers Drug Mart)

I would love to hear what some of your favourite mascaras and the recommendations, I’m always interested in trying something new. Please leave a comment.

L’Oreal BB Cream Review

I got the most random purchase a week ago and it’s been the best purchase and the item that I needed for my issue with redness. I don’t have redness from acne but instead I just get red just from movement. It is something rather annoying but I’m happy I got this product. The L’Oreal Anti-Redness BB cream and at first I definitely had my hesitation as to it actually working. But I find that this product definitely helps to reduce the redness, especially for my cheek area. I’d say this product is extremely similar to the Stila One Step Correct but a cheaper version.  But still an amazing product and does the job that its supposed to.  I would definitely recommend this product if you have extreme redness and want to counter act that redness.



Drugstore Wishlist Products

Bahama Mamma

Bahama Mama – The Balm

I think at the end of the day I’m definitely more of a drugstore kind of gal, as opposed to the high-end Sephora brands. Don’t get me wrong I love Sephora and all the products they have to offer, but it damages my wallet. So to make myself feel better I’d have to say drugstore is the way to go, and honestly you can find such amazing products at your local drugstore. Here is my list of products I’ve been wanting to try, and I’ve heard such amazing reviews on the product.

The first product I want to get and try out is the bronzer called Bahama Mama by The Balm. I don’t necessarily want this product for the sake of bronzing but I’ve heard it’s amazing for contouring. The Sunday Girl provides her review on this product, which I enjoyed reading. If you get a chance check out the blog, amazing reviews and photos of beauty product.
The next product that I want to try out, is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation this product caught my attention just by the fact that it says serum gel foundation. Bloggers and Youtube Beauty Guru’s just seem to love Bourjois products and I’ve always noticed the brand at my local Shoppers Drugmart (drugstore) but I never fully paid attention to it and I definitely should have. After trying out a concealer from them, I am absolutely in love with this brand. If the Healthy Mix concealer I tried is amazing then I have a feeling that this foundation might be just as great. My favourite blogger/youtuber Essie Button talks about the Bourjois products which includes this foundation. Click here to see her video.

Bourjois Healthy Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

The last product that I want to try probably the most from the other two is the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder, which is supposed to provide a matte finish with a natural healthy glow. And as I mentioned earlier I tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer and I am in LOVE. I use it literally everyday, and it just blends with the skin wonderfully. The link I’ve mentioned up above speaks about this product as well.

It seems that I’m going Bourjois crazy, I just want it all. But for a drugstore it’s honestly an amazing brand, it can get on the expensive side a little bit but definitely not as bad as Sephora.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

Let me know what drugstore product you have been wanting to try, I’d love to get some ideas myself for other products to hopefully try out.



Review: Bite Lipstick

Bite LipstickThe other day I saw this gorgeous creme lipstick by Bite at Sephora and I just had to buy it. The price for this dual ended lipstick was around $15 CAD, which is not to bad since the regular price for a regular lipstick is about $32 CAD. The two colours that I bought was Fig and Date, which are both on the pinkish in colour and are on the neutral side.

I definitely loved the lipstick, I loved that its exactly what it states in the name, creme lipstick. It goes on nice and smoothly and I love that it’s moisturizing. From the two colour my favourite colour would have to be the date. Its more on the pinkish side and seems to go with more of my looks that I wear. I’ve tried out this lip product for a week and the only downfall is that you definitely have to reapply if you eat food or drink liquids. Also by the end of the day it tends to have this crumbled pieces on your lips.  But I’d have to say that the crumbling was after 8 hours, so it isn’t that bad.

Overall, would I repurchase this lipstick in a different colour, I’d say yes. The colour and the texture of the lipstick was wonderful and moisturizing which is definitely a key when I purchase a lipstick. If I can make a recommendation combine the fig colour with the L’Oreal Extraordinaire by colour riche in the colour Nude Ballet (picture down below).

Let me know if you have tried Bite lipsticks and if so what did you think of the product?

Senka ♥


BH Cosmetics Eye & Blush Palette Review

BH Special Occasion PaletteCan I just say how much I love BH cosmetics, such a reasonable price for amazing quality products. I’ve had the Special Occassion palette for about a month, and I’ve been wearing the eyeshadows almost everyday.

The Special Occassion palette has 39 eye shadows and 9 blush colours. Can I just say that these colours are just BEAUTIFUL. The palette contains beautiful browns, plum, purple, blue, silver and pink tones. The qualities of the shadows are just amazing, they go on perfectly, the lasting quality is about 8 hours. The blushes are just gorgeous colours, leave your skin looking flawless. The picture down below is of me wearing the blush colour combined with a highlighter. I can’t say anything but beautiful things about this palette. I think BH cosmetics is just amazing, and if you have the opportunity check out there website and try out a palette.



Top 5 Lip Products


I’m not the biggest addicts of lipstick, I find that I forget to put it on. Even though I love makeup, theres just something about lipstick and lip products that I’m not naturally drawn to. Perhaps I haven’t developed the confidence yet to wear such intense colours. Or by the end I’m rushing to get out of the house to get somewhere. But when I do have the proper time to full go out with makeup, then I usually stick to these 5 products.

1. Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain & Balm – in the colours Flame and Crave. The colour flame is a bright red colour that is more on the cool tone. The colour crave is a deep fuchsia colour again more on the cool tone side. These lip stains are just beautiful in colour and they don’t transfer to anything. The only downside is that they get worn out so you do have to reapply at some point.
2. Revlon Colour Burst – matte balm in the colour elusive. This colour is a beautiful matte, muted rose pink colour. Comes on creamy and can stay on pretty long, but if you do eat food or drink anything you will have to reapply the product. The colour is definitely more towards the nude, which makes it a perfect nude without washing out your face.
3. NYX soft matte lip cream – in the colour Istanbul, which is a soft nude pink perfect colour for a soft and simple look perhaps with a beautiful cat eye. Thats usually how I pair this lipstick colour with.
4. Makeup For Ever Lipstick – rouge artist natural in the colour N9 copper pink. This colour is once again a perfect colour for a natural look and is definitely a hydrating product for the lips.
5. Vaseline Lip Therapy – this is the perfect lip balm for those dry & chapped lips, long lasting lip balm for those terrible cold winter days.

Leave a comment down below with your favourite lip products and why you would recommend it.



Top 4 Under Eye Concealers

Concealer1. BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Concealer / $19 CAD / Link
  – Easy to blend, covers up dark circles like no ones business and it’s extremely lightweight
2. Benefit Erase Paste / $32 CAD / Link
– Thicker product, heavy coverage, covers up under eye circles while brightening
3. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch / $6.99 CAD / Link
– Brightens up the under eye area, I use it primarily as a highlighter for my face.
4. Tart Maracuja Creaseless Concealer / $29 CAD / Link
– Thicker product, heavy coverage, covers up blemishes and brightens up the face.

These are my top 4 favourite concealers especially due to my dark circles, I find that the easiest one to apply and with the best coverage is the Bourjois concealer. But the other 3 are just as amazing in there own way.


January ⋅ Faves

Jan Faves
Jan Faves 1Beauty:



January ⋅ Wishlist



Favourite Blush⋅Bronzer⋅Highlighter

Blush-Highlighter-Bronzer1. Sei Bella – Sweet Apricot
Perfect blush, especially for when you got a little bit of a tan it looks more natural.
2. Rimmel Match Perfection – Medium/Dark
It’s a blush but I use as a bronzer in particular to contour my face because it’s not to dark just perfect.
3. Benefit 10 – Bronzer & Highlighter
The highlighter and the bronzer are perfection. It has been discontinued but if you can find it buy it.


Everyday Makeup Products


EverydaymakeuplookThese are the main products I use on a daily basis for the everyday work makeup look.

1. Lancome Sensational Effects Eye Shadow  – in the colours Daylight, Kitten Heel, Gaze Guest List. Love this for the everyday look for work, without it being to harsh and you can carry with you to change it up to a night time look quickly.
2. Origin’s CC Skin Complexion Corrector – provides you with amazing glow to your skin.
3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind – Eraser Dark Circle Concealer in Light Pink
4.  Sei Bella Powder Blush – in colour Sweet Apricot (all natural company)
5. Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara – in Black Brown colour and water resistant
6. Sephora Liquid Eyeliner – in the colour black
7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – in the colour Medium Brown

I would love to know what your everyday makeup products are, post your link in the comments sections to your blog.



Organic Wear & Origins CC

Origins & OrganicsLow End vs. High End Product

I went to my local Sephora about a couple months ago and did the Skin IQ in the store to see which foundations or cover ups suited my skin tone. Due to the high amount of redness  on my cheeks the Skin IQ recommended the Origins CC Skin Complexion Corrector. Which I absolutely love and it definitely helps reducing the red pigmentation on my cheeks.  The other pro for the Origins product is the fact that it’s so light weight but it covers up the imperfections on my face while evening out the skin tone. Another added bonus is the fact that it is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates which I find is better because it’s less chemicals on your face.

Now the only issue with the Origins is that face that you do need a lot more of the product to really cover up the redness or pimples you may have, so that means it runs out faster. Especially if you use this product everyday, which I do. The cost of the product was around $44 CAD at Sephora, which isn’t relatively cheap based on the size you get. As well, I find it is hard to get out as much product as possible, which can be rather annoying.

The cheaper alternative that I found is just as good and definitely doesn’t hurt the wallet is the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear (Light to Natural). I tested this product out for the whole day yesterday and really loved the look that it gave to my face and the fact that it was a tinted moisturizer really amazed me. It lasted me the whole day, it didn’t wear off or at least it looked still amazing by the time I took it off at night time. It did it’s job as a tinted moisturizer it made my skin look moisturized and dewy looking, without it being too shiny either. The two amazing things about this product is the fact that you really need a little amount to cover your face and the price was $15 at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Thus, if you want something that is organic, lightweight with coverage and it helps that its cheaper, then the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear is something to consider.

Let me know if you have tried out either of these products and what you thought about them. I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts. Or maybe alternatives to try out.



Great Skin Routine


When I want to pamper myself these are the three products I go towards to depending on whats wrong with my skin at the moment. I’ve categorized the 3 products depending on skin issue.

Live Clean Facial Scrub (Dullness)
Helps remove dull skin, and rejuvenates the skin. I find this is good to use twice a week. I usually use it in the middle of the week and on Sunday’s. Just to get rid of the dead skin, and help clean off the dirt of my face. Can be purchased at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask (De-Hydration)
Provides amazing hydration to the face, when you need a plump looking face with some dewiness. I usually like to use this mask in the winter time, it gets pretty cold in Toronto so my skin gets pretty dry. Purchased at Winners.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask (Luminizing)
The Boscia Luminizing mask is amazing to use if you want your face to radiate and look brightened up. I usually use this every 2 weeks because it is a heavy product. But it definitely does luminize the face.  Gift box from Sephora.


Favourites: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser



My morning routine always includes one of the basic essentials and that is a face cleanser. Well I think my toothbrush and tooth paste are also an essential, but this cleanser is next to them.
At first I didn’t think I would like the cleanser just because I didn’t try a lot of Fresh products and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a drug store kind of gal, just a simple cleanser and I was happy. Well now I am hooked and I can’t look at any other face cleanser the same, its not like my fresh soy cleanser.  But here are some of my pro’s and con’s for this products and why you should consider trying it out.

– Lightweight – meaning that it’s not a heavy cleanser
– Cleans off makeup amazingly, even your tough eyeliner. But I’m not sure about the waterproof makeup.
–  Claims to be for all skin types
– Leaves your face glowing and looking fresh (no pun intended)
– Lathers-less and a small amount is just enough to clean your whole face, meaning you use less product 🙂

– No scent –  it has a bit of a scent that is very minimal,but kind of has an unusual scent as well.
– Doesn’t have the soapy lather feel which could be confusing at first, but trust me you get over it.

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