REVIEW: CO-Lab Dry Shampoo

IMG_1415I’ve been watching Essie Button and I recall her mentioning the CO Lab Dry Shampoo in one of her favorites products, and I always love her recommendations. The CO Lab dry shampoo in the scent RIO Tropical is what I got, and it definitely smells like the name, which is tropical. It’s a stronger smell so I love that about it because if you have 2nd day hair and you want to refresh the hair it’s perfect in doing so. It’s has a light texture to the spray it doesn’t leave it white, like a lot of other dry shampoos do, such as Batiste.

This product seems similar to the ORIBE Dry texturizing spray which I absolutely love. Expect the price of the CO Lab in comparison to the ORIBE is much cheaper. The ORIBE is around $42 CAD for the big bottle while I paid $7.99 CAD for the CO Lab at Winners. And its roughly the same size so similar in quantity.

If I could recommend a dry shampoo I think this one is definitely better then the famous Batiste at an affordable price for the quantity received.

Leave a comment with your favorite dry shampoo that you like to use and the reason(s).