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December Weather ❄


♥♥♥Christmas Wishlist1. Urban Outfitters – Sam Edelman Ankle Boots ($130CA)2. COACH – Legacy Swingpack Leather ($148CA) 3. Sheinside – Black Lapel Long Sleeve Cardigan Sweater ($26.39US) 4. Urban Outfitters – Pointelle Scrunch Over-The-Knee Sock ($14CA) 5.VogueC – College Wing Coat ($79.30)

It’s December, and that usually means really cold weather here in Toronto. This year it seems I’ve been craving some cute but cozy winter appropriate clothing and accessories to match it. As you can probably tell from the photos above I’m generally attracted to more neutral-single tones clothing pieces.

Recently, I’ve been wearing my black pair of ankle boots a lot since it goes with a lot of my outfits. Thus, when I saw these brown ankle boots from Urban Outfitters I new they needed to be on my wishlist. I love these ankle boots primarily because of the beautiful medium brown colour while there are hints of dark brown making it sort of look distressed/worn out. But these ankle boots needs amazing accessories to go with it, which is why I’m in love with the Coach swingpack. I’ve always been a fan of Coach items, their is something beautiful about there products that is very simple, elegant and sophisticated. The Coach legacy swingpack is definitely the definition of simple and elegant, and seems to provides with enough space to put your necessary items for a day/night out.

Sweaters and over sized cardigans were never really my thing. I was more of a hoodie type of a person but recently my style has changed. My guess would be that I’m going towards more of a mature and sophisticated look with a bit of an edge. Well when I saw the cardigan up above on Pinterest I fell in-love. I love the dark grey with hints of black colour along with the little buckle if you want to connect the cardigan so it’s not open. Now how adorable would this cardigan look paired with a simple white or black tank top underneath, a mini-skirt in combination with the thigh-high stockings from Urban Outfitters. Which is another item I’ve been craving is the cute thigh-high stockings especially the extra soft types that provide you with extra warmth in the winter time. I mean who doesn’t like practical and cute at the same time, I know I do.

Lastly, lets talk about the beautiful leather and wool coat… I mean what a beaut. There is something about this elegant but spunky coat that I can’t seem to get over. Whether it be the combination of leather and wool, or the beautiful deep green colour it just works so beautifully together. I’m sure most of the items up above could be combined to make a really cute outfit for the winter time, either for a day time look or a night time.

These are just some of my wishlist items for December.
Let me know what you have been wanting to get for the colder months.

Take Care,