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Who would have thought that compression stockings would be such a popular fashion trend but so beneficial for your health and well being. It’s been about 2 1/2 years that I have been wearing my own pair of compression stockings and I truly love them, not only are they preventative of varicose veins they also look stylish and comfortable. The socks shown up above are the famous Sigvaris line, which are amazing and like I said are super comfortable and stylish. They look amazing when you are working out, adds the pop of colour to your outfit. I always feel better when there is colour to my outfit, it cheers me up before my workout. Sigvaris, not only provide calf length stockings, but also thigh-high and pantyhose length. However, the sports style of compression stockings are all calf length just so you are aware.

What is amazing is that if you obtain a prescription from your doctor indicating the 20-30 mmHg compression level, they can be covered by your insurance company, or at least that is how it works here in Canada. As well, you would need to check with your insurance company if they cover compression stockings. But if they are covered by your health insurance, then you pretty much get your money back.  A great company known as PRS Inc., provide amazing services where you can order your compression stockings, but they also complete all the paperwork required for your insurance company. The customer services is outstanding.

Another amazing brand of compression stockings are Lunatik Athletiks, they provide some interestingly amazing designs of compression stockings that are funky, colorful and very appealing to the eyes.  Take a look at some of these website, amazing compression stockings out there. And remember, make sure to take care of your yourself and your health, those are the most important things in life.


Drugstore Wishlist Products

Bahama Mamma

Bahama Mama – The Balm

I think at the end of the day I’m definitely more of a drugstore kind of gal, as opposed to the high-end Sephora brands. Don’t get me wrong I love Sephora and all the products they have to offer, but it damages my wallet. So to make myself feel better I’d have to say drugstore is the way to go, and honestly you can find such amazing products at your local drugstore. Here is my list of products I’ve been wanting to try, and I’ve heard such amazing reviews on the product.

The first product I want to get and try out is the bronzer called Bahama Mama by The Balm. I don’t necessarily want this product for the sake of bronzing but I’ve heard it’s amazing for contouring. The Sunday Girl provides her review on this product, which I enjoyed reading. If you get a chance check out the blog, amazing reviews and photos of beauty product.
The next product that I want to try out, is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation this product caught my attention just by the fact that it says serum gel foundation. Bloggers and Youtube Beauty Guru’s just seem to love Bourjois products and I’ve always noticed the brand at my local Shoppers Drugmart (drugstore) but I never fully paid attention to it and I definitely should have. After trying out a concealer from them, I am absolutely in love with this brand. If the Healthy Mix concealer I tried is amazing then I have a feeling that this foundation might be just as great. My favourite blogger/youtuber Essie Button talks about the Bourjois products which includes this foundation. Click here to see her video.

Bourjois Healthy Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

The last product that I want to try probably the most from the other two is the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder, which is supposed to provide a matte finish with a natural healthy glow. And as I mentioned earlier I tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer and I am in LOVE. I use it literally everyday, and it just blends with the skin wonderfully. The link I’ve mentioned up above speaks about this product as well.

It seems that I’m going Bourjois crazy, I just want it all. But for a drugstore it’s honestly an amazing brand, it can get on the expensive side a little bit but definitely not as bad as Sephora.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

Let me know what drugstore product you have been wanting to try, I’d love to get some ideas myself for other products to hopefully try out.