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I know it’s been quite a while that I had posted anything. I’m telling you life became quite busy. Things started to become a lot, I unknowingly started my own business so I was and still am trying to figure that out which I shall keep you posted. Along with planning my wedding (details on that to follow on another post) and on top of it all having a life of course. So I unintentionally decided to take a break on the blogging aspect as my dedication for beauty and trying out different products diminished over the months. But now I am back at it again and I’ve had some time to think about what I would love to try and I’m always seeking for recommendations on the newest trends. As you can probably tell from the title this post will be dedicated to hair products as I’ve been enjoying and simply found them to work amazing for my hair.

Now that being said I cannot guarantee that you will love all the products I’m talking about or that it may work the best for your hair as well, but you can definitely alway try it out. If you have thick hair that has had a beating here and there then this could possibly be of interest to you. However, majority of these products I think would apply to any hair type and who knows it may actually work – you won’t know until you try. Something I alway recommend to my family and friends, if you aren’t sure whether the product will work on you, and you don’t want to commit spending a shit ton of money then the best is to purchase the mini/travel size and try that out. Usually it’s more then half the cost of what it would be for the full size. I do acknowledge that some brands may not offer that option – but if you aren’t sure always inquire regardless – it won’t hurt and if anything it will save you some money.

If you want advice or tips on styling, especially for thick hair like mine don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

img_17581. Bumble and Bumble Heat/UV Protective Primer

The Bumble and Bumble brand was something I noticed was quite popular and still is when it comes to the hair care world. Apart from loving the name, I’ve been enjoying using this product more than I expected and it’s become something I use pretty much every time I’m styling my hair with direct heat. This Heat protector makes my hair softer, smoother, silkier, and less tangled. As well, I do enjoy the scent it provides my hair – a settle scent that isn’t overpowering. I like to spray this on my hair before I’m going to apply heat, I spray a generous amount on my wet hair and comb it out to spread evenly. I’ll also spray on damp/semi-dry hair when I plan to straighten or curl my hair. I love that the smell doesn’t diminish after using heat on my hair, which I find with other heat protector it smells amazing when you spray initially and then it’s gone once you’ve styled your hair. I find that just frustrating.


2. ORIBEDry Texturizing Spray

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I cannot stand hairspray. I’ve tried various types of hairspray and I just can’t seem to get into it. Mind you I can’t complain, my hair is relatively compliant or I don’t care as much if I lose the style over the day. Regardless, sometimes I want my hair styling skills to last longer and even though this is a texturizing spray it works the same as a hairspray without feeling heavy or making your hair crispy… you know what I’m talking about. OH and can I mention the scent is heavenly. I’m very keen on scent… that is crucial to me.


3. MoroccanoilDry Shampoo

Honestly, whoever thought of dry shampoo seriously you have changed the beauty world thats for sure. Either way I’ve been trying out different dry shampoo’s from Batiste, CO Lab, Fructise but I have to say the Moroccanoil is my favourite, the key factor being that they have an option for dark tone and light tone hair colour. Let’s be real if you could get the option to have it match your colour and less hassle of blending well I’ll take it. Also out of all the dry shampoos I’ve used this one has an awesome scent and it definitely lingers so your hair looks and has the fresh wash scent, SUCCESS.


4. Pearlessence Sea Spray Sea Salt

To be honest I was kind of surprised that I actually liked this product. I bought this out of whim, meaning I was standing in line waiting to pay for my other stuff and they always get to you by putting stuff along the way. But I’m not upset because it wasn’t overly expensive, I actually bought this spray at Winner’s for $12.99. I’m just not sure where else you can purchase this brand in Toronto, and with Winner’s it’s a hit or miss, products come and go. So this spray helps to define my curls without having to style with a curler, I just spray it when my hair is more on the damp side than purely wet, let it sit for a minute and then I just scrunch my hair with my hands and either do other stuff or if it’s before bedtime I would sleep on it … next day I have effortless and cute curls. However, the only thing I’m not sure about and I shall see how it works in the winter time. I feel it works best in the summer time when you have the option of air drying – in the winter I usually don’t prefer doing that. That will be my experiment.


5. ORIBERun-Through Detangling Primer

I can definitely talk about Oribe products and this one I’ve been eyeing and finally decided to purchase, this is this the run-through detangling primer. I use this if I want to give my hair a nice shine and of course it helps to detangle my thick hair. The key factors that stand out about this is that it isn’t heavy on the hair at all and again the Oribe products just have the best scent, if I have to say Oribe definitely slays the award for best scent. It’s unique and I feel oddly enough sassy afterwards, can’t explain that.


6. OUAIHair Treatment Masque

I don’t know about you but I’ve been hearing about OUAI this, OUAI that and I thought why not finally try it out. If I understood correctly OUAI is the new line from the celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin’s and of course if she’s dealing with celebrities it HAS to be the best, right? I guess so.. I’ve never been into hair masques, although I really should since I have thick and wavy/curly hair. And especially when it gets super cold here in Canada it definitely should be the number one product to use. Regardless, I tried this hair masque and I liked it. I purchased the 3 treatment packets just to see how it was and I liked how it made my hair afterwards. What I find is really a smart idea is the fact that you have individual packets as opposed to a whole jar and this is the allocated amount of product to use. Because masques are not meant to be overloaded, it’s just meant to provide you with the shine you’ve been missing. I can definitely see why people have been loving the OUAI products. The true test of awesomeness would be to see how her other products are.

Well those are my six products that I’ve been into recently, if you have any recommendations or if you have questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


Must Have Products – April 2015

FullSizeRender (1)I recently went a little crazy and bought some products that I have been using like a mad woman for the month of April. These are some of the products that I would suggest you try yourself.

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer / $23 / Shoppers Drug Mart – awesome bronzer you only really need a little bit for contouring the face
L’Oreal Infallible Setting Spray / $12 /  Shoppers Drug Mart – awesome spray to spray onto your brushes to get pigmented eyeshadow colours as well for setting the makeup in place.
NYX – Golden Bronze /$1 / Shoppers Drug Mart – beautiful colour gets the smokey eye effect and it looks beautiful on brown eyes but I’m sure its great for all eye colours. Beautiful deep bronze colour. The lasting effect is outstanding and smudges due to its creamy consistency.
L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara / $12 / Shoppers Drug Mart – amazing mascara provides volume without clumping at all at least for my eyelashes. Love the look it gave to my eyes made my lashes look outstanding.
Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Highlighter / $14 / Shoppers Drug Mart – provides outstanding highlight to the cheekbone and anywhere else. Much more loose powder then expected so you need very little amount. I’d say this is best for fair skin because of how light in colour it is.

Those are my favourite must have for the month of April that I used consistently and absolutely loved. Let me know if you tried any of these products and what you thought.


L’Oreal BB Cream Review

I got the most random purchase a week ago and it’s been the best purchase and the item that I needed for my issue with redness. I don’t have redness from acne but instead I just get red just from movement. It is something rather annoying but I’m happy I got this product. The L’Oreal Anti-Redness BB cream and at first I definitely had my hesitation as to it actually working. But I find that this product definitely helps to reduce the redness, especially for my cheek area. I’d say this product is extremely similar to the Stila One Step Correct but a cheaper version.  But still an amazing product and does the job that its supposed to.  I would definitely recommend this product if you have extreme redness and want to counter act that redness.



Bullets, Bullets Bullets

Bullet Ring 1
Bullet Ring 3If you already don’t know, but I will say it again and that is I truly love ETSY. Etsy has such amazing products, especially jewelry that is handmade. Each piece that you purchase is even more authentic and unique, like your own special gift that is rare.

That being said one of my great friends recently opened up her own Etsy shop and she has amazing handmade jewelry here in Toronto. I can definitely vouch for her and say that her jewelry is beautiful and creatively different. If you are seeking for  a unique, different, earthy but yet feminine piece of jewelry, then you are looking for her. The shop is called DarijaRadicDesigns and all of the designs she has were created with a unique and personal touch from her, in which she wants to share with you all.
If you truly love jewelry as much as I do and want to have something different in your collection then you need to check out her Etsy shop. Her theme revolves around bullets and the use of the bullet shell to compose something so beautiful and elegant.

Let me know know what your favourite etsy shops are.
Bullet Ring 2


Pixi Eye Mesmerizing Mineral Palette Review

IMG_1413I recently show you all that I bought the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Eye Palette in the beautiful colours called plum quartz. I got the palette on sale at my local Target so the price of it wasn’t expensive, it was around $9 CAD. With this palette in particular there were actually a couple things that I really liked about it, and only one con but it isn’t necessarily a big deal. However, lets get to the pros and the con for the shadows.


  • The pigmentation is outstanding – recommendation is to wet the sponge applicator making the colours glide on smoothly
  • The shadows are long lasting, it was good for around 8 hours (regular work day)
  • All of the colours are beautifully made to all go together, whether it’s for a day or a nighttime look
  • The price is relatively cheap so it doesn’t hurt the wallet
  • Perfect amount of eyeshadow colours for a beginner with makeup


  • You need quite a bit of the product to be able to see the colour

Thus, if you are a beginner when it comes to makeup and aren’t sure which colours to get I’d definitely recommend you stick to neutrals at first easier to play around with, without it looking to much on the eyes. But I’d recommend if you could buy the Pixi palette because the colours they have are just beautiful, but then again this palette did appeal to my taste and style preference.

If you have tried the Pixi eye shadow palette, I’d love it if you would leave a comment and let me know what you thought about the palette.



Topbox March 2015


1. Philosophy Hope in a Jar – This is a daily moisturizing creme for all skin types, I’ve heard such amazing things when it comes
to philosophy and I’m excited to try this product out.

2. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist – Rebalancing rose scented mist meant for normal to combination skin types, you are
supposed to use it as a mist to rehydrate the skin.

3. Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick – Styling balm for the hair which also acts as a heat protector that is something I’m most
excited about just to get my hair styled appropriately.

4. Medusa Lip Gloss – this is just a basic pinkish red lip gloss with high shine. I’m not to sure how I feel about it because it may
be to glossy for my style but you never know.


Super soft skin

FullSizeRender (1)I don’t know if you are like me, but I have extremely dry skin. Especially on my knees and elbows, they are just beyond dry, and ashy. But for some reason I don’t really like body butters, I feel super oily afterwards and just sticky. Maybe I haven’t found the right body butter for me but I found something even better, and that is body oil. Now you are probably thinking well isn’t oil even more oiler for you? That is true some body oils can definitely do that but not these two. One of the oils is high-end while the other is a low-end product I’ve found to work amazingly. If you want to have soft, supple skin after your daily shower I’d recommend these two.

1. Caudalie Divine Body Oil – found this sample version at Sephora, I don’t recall the price for it but I know it wasn’t greatly expensive. The 1.7 oz bottle goes for $35 CAD at Sephora which is definitely on the pricy side but the good thing about this oil is that you only really need a little amount for it to do the purpose of moisturizing your skin and even hair. I personally only use it for my skin, because like I said I have super dry and sometimes irritated skin. I definitely love that it’s free of any parabens, sulfates and phthalates, so your body is really getting the nourishing aspects from the grapeseed, hibiscus, sesame, and argan oils. What an amazing combination of oils for your body.

2. nSpa Nourishing Oil – this oil was purchased at Wal-Mart for a measly $3 CAD. How dirt cheap is that and it does an absolutely amazing job of moisturizing the skin without making it oily instead it goes on like a cream but it stays soft and hydrating pretty much until your next shower. In addition, it has Rosehip oil and Vitamin E and A which are amazing for your skin to replenish itself. This oil is meant for stretch marks and it advertises for moms to be but I thought if it’s good for the mom it should definitely be good for me.  Lastly, I absolutely love the smell of this oil it smells amazingly. Every time I shower I get super excited to put on this oil.

Now the difference between these two oils is that one is super hydrating, which would be the Caudalie. This oil I would use for a day that your having extremely dry skin or irritation on your skin just to calm the redness. While the nSpa oil I’d use for everyday purpose even if you don’t have stretch marks it’s still great to use to nourish the skin.

Let me know if you use body oils as well and which is your favourite brand to use.



Sleek Voluminous Straight Hair

Sleek HairThe products up above are the products I use to to get voluminous but sleek straight hair. Trust me it is possible to get both.
These are the steps I take to get straight hair on a daily basis.

After I shower and have combed out my hair with a wide tooth comb, I take a dime size amount of Kerastase Chroma Riche leave-in oil. This oil is meant for colour-treated hair. It helps to control the frizz that you develop when you blow dry your hair. Then I proceed to blow dry my hair with a soft round paddle brush, this paddle brush is amazing for thick hair like mine. Once I have finished blow drying my hair, thats when I go and straighten my hair. The method to straightening hair but to develop amazing volume is to try and straighten as close as possible to the root. When you are about to pull along the hair  make sure to lift up the root with the straightener, hold it for a second or so and then continue with straightening. That little lift will allow for some volume to develop on your hair. Thus, that’s how you develop the amazing volume to your hair even though you are straightening it.

Once I have fully straightened my hair, I use the CHI silk infusion oil to get my hair looking shiny, which leaves it with an amazing sheen to the hair. CHI silk infusion oil is not only an amazing oil to use after straightening but it also leaves your hair with an amazing scent. The last step to maintaining the volume that you have created is to use the ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray. The dry texturizing spray is sprayed onto the roots, once you have sprayed your roots you set it with your fingers and give it a bit of a lift to the roots. This spray is amazing, it’s sort of like a hairspray but it doesn’t leave your hair crispy, you can run your fingers through the hair. It supposed to be an alternative to dry shampoo, but it’s meant to provide your hair with amazing volume.



Product To Try ♥ GlamGlow Youth Mud Masque

GlamGlow Youthmud Masque

This product gets so much raved reviews from the blogging and youtube community regarding how great it is for your skin and getting those blackheads. Here are some of the reviews or mentions that I found online regarding this product.

– Essie Button
 Rachel Talbott
I Covet Thee
– Hello October
– Lipstick & Lullabies

Let me know if you have tried the GlamGlow face mask and tell me what you think about this product, would you repurchase it, did it help your skin and whats something you didn’t like about this product?



Sephora ♥ Kat Von D


I walked into my local Sephora and decided to get something little for myself. I thought I’d be nice to my wallet and just bought the sample size to see if I actually liked the product before I committed to it fully. I bought the Kat Von D tattoo liner, the immortal lash mascara. After hearing the amazing things about this product I thought why not do a sample size first and then if I really like it I’ll progress to the full version.

My opinion of this liner is that overall it provides an amazing winged liner look. The brush is smooth to work with, the fact that it’s a smaller in size just makes it easier to control the precision of the brush.Please see the review by Essie Button with regards to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. Regarding the Kat Von D Immortal Lash mascara, I definitely have all good things to say about this mascara. For me personally, it did not clump my eyelashes, it spread them out nicely and evenly. As beautypedia review comments you do need a couple of coats to really get them full looking. The bristles are kind of good because it doesn’t allow for a lot of product which is the reason it doesn’t clump your lashes but instead lengthens them. Beautypedia provides some amazing pros and cons for this product if you are interested to read, click here.


Immortal Lash 24hr Mascara



Tattoo Liner



Anastasia Brow Wiz


Having your brows on point is very essential for any makeup look, it just brings the whole look together. My favourite brow products are the Anastasia Brow Wiz pen, with the Anastasia Brow Gel and the amazing Anastasia tweezers.

These three just work amazing and make your eyebrows look so natural. They help to fill in naturally the sparse eyebrows of mine. The brow gel makes the eyebrows stay in place without it looking fake at all.

You hear amazing things regarding Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow products and I can definitely concur with that.

If you are looking to try a new brow products that make you look natural then I would definitely try Anastasia.



d2d7cd2391d23536ec8719ff65d19f9fI think from an Evolutionary Psychology perspective, on a very basic level human’s think or associate beautiful things as good or the best. We just want it or think we need it. But sometimes you have to remember that beautiful things doesn’t always result in goodness. Thus, this is just a reminder for me to not be judgement of people, things or in general in. Because we can’t assume about people or things are the best because everyone else wants it or it’s presented to be pretty. We need to question things.


Beautiful Blow Out

IMG_1187                                    Fructis Full & Push Voluptuous Blow Out / $5.99 CAD / Link

I recently went to my local Shoppers Drug Mart, without any intention to buy anything but I was wrong and of course came out with a new product to try. The Fructis Garnier Blow Out balm was just calling me and made me curious to see if this product would provide what it claimed. Well it does work and it does give you an amazing salon finish to your hair.

Maybe I was on my A game and was able to properly blow out my hair, but I think it was this balm that helped. It comes out as a thick balm which you use only a little amount into your damp hair. I focused the product primarily on my scalp, because thats where I wanted most of the volume to be produced. What I noticed was that this product it able to hold up the roots so that there is volume to the hair, kind of like a gel, but without making your hair hard. If anything your hair ends up being smooth, and the added bonus of smelling amazing.

The end result was a beautiful blow out, with a nice smooth finish to my hair and it just looks amazing. If you are wanting to get voluminous hair with a nice salon effect then I would definitely try this product.



January ⋅ Faves

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