Summer Dresses 2015

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What’s in my purse

IMG_1300Purse: J.Crew – Brown Leather
Wallet: Coach
Coin Purse: Coach
Makeup Bag: Chapters

Usually I carry a lot of things in my purse when I am going to work for just in case purpose. But this is my regular bag that I carry when I’m doing my usual errands, going out for coffee or meeting with a friend. I normally have my Kate Spade planner, this is my life. I’m the type of person that needs to write everything down, especially twice. I have the dates in my phone and my planner is for more detailed information, for example if I have to bring something with me or if it’s a more detailed note on something I gotta do.

I’m one of those people that has a separate coin purse because I take the public transportation so we have tokens that we need for the transportation thus it’s easier to pick out tokens from the coin purse then from the coin area on my wallet. My wallet, like I said up above is from Coach, it does it’s job of carrying my most essential cards and money.

My makeup/toiletries mini purse holds just the essentials of body spray, oil blotting paper, hand sanitizer, tampons,  and tylenol extra strength. Normally I’d have lip gloss as my only makeup item just to touch up on my lips but for this particular day I was going without any makeup on so I wasn’t carrying an makeup products with me.

Let me know what you carry in your purse, I’m nosy like that and I love “whats in my bag” posts for some strange reason.


Bullets, Bullets Bullets

Bullet Ring 1
Bullet Ring 3If you already don’t know, but I will say it again and that is I truly love ETSY. Etsy has such amazing products, especially jewelry that is handmade. Each piece that you purchase is even more authentic and unique, like your own special gift that is rare.

That being said one of my great friends recently opened up her own Etsy shop and she has amazing handmade jewelry here in Toronto. I can definitely vouch for her and say that her jewelry is beautiful and creatively different. If you are seeking for  a unique, different, earthy but yet feminine piece of jewelry, then you are looking for her. The shop is called DarijaRadicDesigns and all of the designs she has were created with a unique and personal touch from her, in which she wants to share with you all.
If you truly love jewelry as much as I do and want to have something different in your collection then you need to check out her Etsy shop. Her theme revolves around bullets and the use of the bullet shell to compose something so beautiful and elegant.

Let me know know what your favourite etsy shops are.
Bullet Ring 2

Wedding Inspiration




This year was a big year for both my fiancé and myself, because we got engaged on October 3, 2014. Now we are planning to do our wedding in 2 years to allows us with enough time to plan out carefully as opposed to rushing. But mainly we did it to enjoy the time we got being engaged because it will all be over before we know it. Or at least the party will be over not the marriage part.

But since I’ve gotten engaged I’ve been starting to look around for inspiration and ideas for what we would like for our big day. So here are some of my favourite ideas that I’ve been loving or want to incorporate for the wedding day.

Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Inspiration 1

This is just the beginning process of my ideas that I’ve been loving so far. But I’d love to hear what all of you think and maybe suggest some blogs that I can follow for wedding day advice and ideas. I’ve been searching myself but I’m sure all of you have some as well.