Bedtime Routine

Hello Everyone,

This is generally my routine before I go to bed in the evening that helps me wind down and relax before going to sleep. Now everyone has there own thing that they do to help them have a good nights rest. The number one thing that is important is to have an amazing bedding sheets. I recently discovered an amazing store that provides amazing bedding that I feel would be a wonderful contribution to your bedroom. Parachute provides gorgeous bedding settings and even beautiful decor for your bedroom. They stick to a very basic setting style which I feel is adaptable to the style or theme you are going with. Please check out there website to see what they have to offer.

But here are some things I love to do before going to sleep …

Its important to have comfortable pillows and lots of them 🙂 the more the better I feel.


Another great tip I can offer is to drop a couple drops of Lavender essential oil onto your bedsheets and pillows a couple hours before sleep to let it sink in. Lavender essential oil is known as a calming factor. The health benefits of lavender essential oil includes the ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems, it’s pretty awesome.

FullSizeRender (1)Lastly, reading a great book helps the body to calm down, get your mind off of issues/problems that you have and let you escape into another world. My current summer favourite book is On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves. This book is just beautiful and enticing, I would definitely recommend it.

FullSizeRender (5)

These of just some of the things that help me relax before going to bed, I would love to hear what your bedtime routine is please leave a comment down below. Also please remember to check out Parachute and see if there are any bedtime sheets that interest you.

Have a great weekend!


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