High End ♥ Beauty Products

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Recently it was my engagement photo session with my partner and I decided to get my makeup done by someone from the Dior counter and when you get your makeup done you have to buy three beauty products to technically get your makeup done for free. Well I didn’t mind that at all I loved that I got to buy some Dior products. Here are some of the products I bought and I even got samples 🙂

  • Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm – can I just say I LOVE this lip balm. It sucks that you have to use your fingers to apply so for sanitary purpose not so good but it makes your lips silky smooth.
  • Dior Lip Maximizer Volume lip plumper – makes those smackers look plump
  • Dior Rouge Brilliant Lip Gloss – its not in the photo but its a beautiful colour called Swan. I’ve put a picture underneath of the colour. Its a beautiful neutral colour with a hint of colour to it.
    The samples I got were quite amazing, the first one is the Dior Addict perfume which smells so fresh, light and simple I LOVE the smell I think I’m going to buy the actual bottle size, they definitely got me. I also got the lash primer sample which you put on before you put your mascara on and it actually works to separate the lashes and prep them. Lastly, I have the One Essential Intense Skin serum  it is helpful for restoring skin’s luminosity. I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll definitely do a review on it.

    But those are some of the things I got from Dior counter and so far LOVING all of them except one, because I didn’t actually try the product.

    Here is a picture of the makeup from the shoot.

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