Bullets, Bullets Bullets

Bullet Ring 1
Bullet Ring 3If you already don’t know, but I will say it again and that is I truly love ETSY. Etsy has such amazing products, especially jewelry that is handmade. Each piece that you purchase is even more authentic and unique, like your own special gift that is rare.

That being said one of my great friends recently opened up her own Etsy shop and she has amazing handmade jewelry here in Toronto. I can definitely vouch for her and say that her jewelry is beautiful and creatively different. If you are seeking for  a unique, different, earthy but yet feminine piece of jewelry, then you are looking for her. The shop is called DarijaRadicDesigns and all of the designs she has were created with a unique and personal touch from her, in which she wants to share with you all.
If you truly love jewelry as much as I do and want to have something different in your collection then you need to check out her Etsy shop. Her theme revolves around bullets and the use of the bullet shell to compose something so beautiful and elegant.

Let me know know what your favourite etsy shops are.
Bullet Ring 2


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