Review: Bite Lipstick

Bite LipstickThe other day I saw this gorgeous creme lipstick by Bite at Sephora and I just had to buy it. The price for this dual ended lipstick was around $15 CAD, which is not to bad since the regular price for a regular lipstick is about $32 CAD. The two colours that I bought was Fig and Date, which are both on the pinkish in colour and are on the neutral side.

I definitely loved the lipstick, I loved that its exactly what it states in the name, creme lipstick. It goes on nice and smoothly and I love that it’s moisturizing. From the two colour my favourite colour would have to be the date. Its more on the pinkish side and seems to go with more of my looks that I wear. I’ve tried out this lip product for a week and the only downfall is that you definitely have to reapply if you eat food or drink liquids. Also by the end of the day it tends to have this crumbled pieces on your lips.  But I’d have to say that the crumbling was after 8 hours, so it isn’t that bad.

Overall, would I repurchase this lipstick in a different colour, I’d say yes. The colour and the texture of the lipstick was wonderful and moisturizing which is definitely a key when I purchase a lipstick. If I can make a recommendation combine the fig colour with the L’Oreal Extraordinaire by colour riche in the colour Nude Ballet (picture down below).

Let me know if you have tried Bite lipsticks and if so what did you think of the product?

Senka ♥

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