BH Cosmetics Eye & Blush Palette Review

BH Special Occasion PaletteCan I just say how much I love BH cosmetics, such a reasonable price for amazing quality products. I’ve had the Special Occassion palette for about a month, and I’ve been wearing the eyeshadows almost everyday.

The Special Occassion palette has 39 eye shadows and 9 blush colours. Can I just say that these colours are just BEAUTIFUL. The palette contains beautiful browns, plum, purple, blue, silver and pink tones. The qualities of the shadows are just amazing, they go on perfectly, the lasting quality is about 8 hours. The blushes are just gorgeous colours, leave your skin looking flawless. The picture down below is of me wearing the blush colour combined with a highlighter. I can’t say anything but beautiful things about this palette. I think BH cosmetics is just amazing, and if you have the opportunity check out there website and try out a palette.


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