Top 5 Etsy Shops

CeramicObsessionAfter endless amount of time spent shopping on Etsy, I realized I have this weird obsession with ceramic. Once you move into your own place you have this vision of how you would love every part of your house to look like. And my particular obsession is the kitchen and making sure it looks amazing. My fiance has the living room and he has spent time decorating it and for me it’s my beautiful kitchen. Well I thought I’d share some of my top 5 favourite etsy shops, in particular for the house. Let me know if your etsy obsessed as I am and what part of the house you like decorating.

Top 5 Etsy Shops: 
1. urbancartel

2. StillDust

3. paulova 

4. ebenotti 

5. Farizula  


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