Top 3 Favourite Teas


I don’t know about you but I absolutely love tea. I have tea for breakfast, tea for lunch even tea during dinner. There is something so calming about tea that you can’t resist making a cup and just getting comfortable on the couch. But I’m very specific about my teas and there are three particular tea’s that I found just work wonders for three particular reasons. Let me go through each tea and why I love to drink it.

IMG_1317Clipper Green Tea – this amazing green tea is something that I would have on a daily basis, it’s my go to tea. What’s amazing about green tea is that it has amazing benefits for you including boosting your metabolism, great for the mind, amazing antioxidants, and we know that antioxidants are important overall. This tea is so nice and light in flavour when you add a splash of  sweetener it just tastes amazing, even as cold tea. That’s the reason why I love Clipper’s green tea the lightness of the tea.

IMG_1314Pukka Love Tea – organic rose, chamomile and lavender the hints in this tea and I love to drink this tea when I have upset stomach which I get quite often. If you didn’t know I have celiac disease and I’ve been recently diagnosed in September 2014 and during my process of changing to a gluten-free diet I still get stomach issues here and there. Thus, when I get those upset stomach days I love to drink this tea. Chamomile is definitely something you want to drink to calm those stomach pains. Pukka not only sounds and look adorable but has amazing hints of all three the rose, chamomile, and lavender. Definitely recommend this tea.

IMG_1318Davids Tea Organic Super Ginger – what can I say about this tea other then that it’s definitely gingery. Is that even a word, I don’t know but who cares I’m claiming it as a word. This tea is absolutely amazing to drink when you have that measly cold or flu. Ginger is simply AMAZING to drink or just to consume when your sick. It helps to kill off the bacteria that has taken over your body.  I don’t drink this tea on a daily occasion but I do drink it when I get sick or if I feel a cold/flu is trying to sneak upon me. If you want the super ultimate fighting tea for colds then drink this tea.


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