Super soft skin

FullSizeRender (1)I don’t know if you are like me, but I have extremely dry skin. Especially on my knees and elbows, they are just beyond dry, and ashy. But for some reason I don’t really like body butters, I feel super oily afterwards and just sticky. Maybe I haven’t found the right body butter for me but I found something even better, and that is body oil. Now you are probably thinking well isn’t oil even more oiler for you? That is true some body oils can definitely do that but not these two. One of the oils is high-end while the other is a low-end product I’ve found to work amazingly. If you want to have soft, supple skin after your daily shower I’d recommend these two.

1. Caudalie Divine Body Oil – found this sample version at Sephora, I don’t recall the price for it but I know it wasn’t greatly expensive. The 1.7 oz bottle goes for $35 CAD at Sephora which is definitely on the pricy side but the good thing about this oil is that you only really need a little amount for it to do the purpose of moisturizing your skin and even hair. I personally only use it for my skin, because like I said I have super dry and sometimes irritated skin. I definitely love that it’s free of any parabens, sulfates and phthalates, so your body is really getting the nourishing aspects from the grapeseed, hibiscus, sesame, and argan oils. What an amazing combination of oils for your body.

2. nSpa Nourishing Oil – this oil was purchased at Wal-Mart for a measly $3 CAD. How dirt cheap is that and it does an absolutely amazing job of moisturizing the skin without making it oily instead it goes on like a cream but it stays soft and hydrating pretty much until your next shower. In addition, it has Rosehip oil and Vitamin E and A which are amazing for your skin to replenish itself. This oil is meant for stretch marks and it advertises for moms to be but I thought if it’s good for the mom it should definitely be good for me.  Lastly, I absolutely love the smell of this oil it smells amazingly. Every time I shower I get super excited to put on this oil.

Now the difference between these two oils is that one is super hydrating, which would be the Caudalie. This oil I would use for a day that your having extremely dry skin or irritation on your skin just to calm the redness. While the nSpa oil I’d use for everyday purpose even if you don’t have stretch marks it’s still great to use to nourish the skin.

Let me know if you use body oils as well and which is your favourite brand to use.


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