Sleek Voluminous Straight Hair

Sleek HairThe products up above are the products I use to to get voluminous but sleek straight hair. Trust me it is possible to get both.
These are the steps I take to get straight hair on a daily basis.

After I shower and have combed out my hair with a wide tooth comb, I take a dime size amount of Kerastase Chroma Riche leave-in oil. This oil is meant for colour-treated hair. It helps to control the frizz that you develop when you blow dry your hair. Then I proceed to blow dry my hair with a soft round paddle brush, this paddle brush is amazing for thick hair like mine. Once I have finished blow drying my hair, thats when I go and straighten my hair. The method to straightening hair but to develop amazing volume is to try and straighten as close as possible to the root. When you are about to pull along the hair  make sure to lift up the root with the straightener, hold it for a second or so and then continue with straightening. That little lift will allow for some volume to develop on your hair. Thus, that’s how you develop the amazing volume to your hair even though you are straightening it.

Once I have fully straightened my hair, I use the CHI silk infusion oil to get my hair looking shiny, which leaves it with an amazing sheen to the hair. CHI silk infusion oil is not only an amazing oil to use after straightening but it also leaves your hair with an amazing scent. The last step to maintaining the volume that you have created is to use the ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray. The dry texturizing spray is sprayed onto the roots, once you have sprayed your roots you set it with your fingers and give it a bit of a lift to the roots. This spray is amazing, it’s sort of like a hairspray but it doesn’t leave your hair crispy, you can run your fingers through the hair. It supposed to be an alternative to dry shampoo, but it’s meant to provide your hair with amazing volume.


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