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As we are entering the month of February, and the new year has had some time to sink in this is when people have either given up on their new years resolution or they are still sticking strong to it. I know that it can be hard to maintain that healthy diet with all the various events that come up. Whether it be a friends birthday dinner, movies and dinner for Valentines Day or some sort of family dinner event, remember not to be so hard on yourself. We all fall and the whole point is to get back up and try again.

Now something that I’ve noticed that has helped me greatly to stay on track and more self-aware of my food intake, how often and the amount I eat was to keep a weekly meal plan scheduler. Which means that you plan out your meals whether it be in detail or in general for each week. Even though it works for me, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you, or be something that interest you. But if you are truly motivated to stay on track with your health and diet then I’d highly recommend it. I do have some of the pros and cons of doing a weekly meal planner.

Great reminder for yourself of what you were supposed to eat, allowing you not to lean towards the not so good food.
– Great way to keep you organized, if you dedicate one day to plan your weekly meal it sets you up for the whole week.
– You have written it out for the world to see what you plan to eat, so technically you can’t back down from that. Again great
motivation and forces you to stick to it.
– Allows you to set up your grocery list dependent on your meal planner, thus less chances of buying junk food and instead
you end up getting mostly healthier food instead.
– Gets you more involved in learning about the food you are consuming and allowing you to expand your food palette and
 – It can be challenging thinking of a different meal for every single day
– Can be time consuming, so you have to definitely allocate a good amount of time in the beginning until you get the hand of it
– Can conflict with the nights that you randomly go out for dinner, otherwise you can plan in advance for nights you are
planning to eat out or go out with friends/family for dinner.
– If you aren’t an organizer, then this might be something of an annoyance for you. But you can definitely use this plan as a
template that you can incorporate in some other form that works for you.
– Habit, Habit & Habit is something that this needs to become for people which can be tough. Thus, a great amount of
motivation needs to come to continue doing it.

A great website that I use to print out my weekly meal planner and that looks super cute making it even more fun to plan your meals out is Design is Yay!, if you click here it will direct you to the printable meal planner that is free for you to use.
Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.59.04 AM
Otherwise, you can use this Pinterest link to check out various other meal planners that are offered that may be more of an assistance. If this is a whole new concept for you, remember one thing and that is to have fun. Food doesn’t have to be daunting, scary or a nuisance. Food is pleasurable and healthy food can definitely be fun and delicious, you just have to maintain a positive image of it and remember that at the end it makes you a better you. Food impacts us a lot, and having and ingesting the best food like fruits and veggies is what makes us healthy, with beautiful skin, hair and overall a health self.

If you have an alternative method of how you motivate yourself and maintain your diet and a healthy lifestyle please leave a comment down below. I’d love to get some alternative options to maintain a health lifestyle.

Senka ♥

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