Beautiful Blow Out

IMG_1187                                    Fructis Full & Push Voluptuous Blow Out / $5.99 CAD / Link

I recently went to my local Shoppers Drug Mart, without any intention to buy anything but I was wrong and of course came out with a new product to try. The Fructis Garnier Blow Out balm was just calling me and made me curious to see if this product would provide what it claimed. Well it does work and it does give you an amazing salon finish to your hair.

Maybe I was on my A game and was able to properly blow out my hair, but I think it was this balm that helped. It comes out as a thick balm which you use only a little amount into your damp hair. I focused the product primarily on my scalp, because thats where I wanted most of the volume to be produced. What I noticed was that this product it able to hold up the roots so that there is volume to the hair, kind of like a gel, but without making your hair hard. If anything your hair ends up being smooth, and the added bonus of smelling amazing.

The end result was a beautiful blow out, with a nice smooth finish to my hair and it just looks amazing. If you are wanting to get voluminous hair with a nice salon effect then I would definitely try this product.


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