Great Skin Routine


When I want to pamper myself these are the three products I go towards to depending on whats wrong with my skin at the moment. I’ve categorized the 3 products depending on skin issue.

Live Clean Facial Scrub (Dullness)
Helps remove dull skin, and rejuvenates the skin. I find this is good to use twice a week. I usually use it in the middle of the week and on Sunday’s. Just to get rid of the dead skin, and help clean off the dirt of my face. Can be purchased at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask (De-Hydration)
Provides amazing hydration to the face, when you need a plump looking face with some dewiness. I usually like to use this mask in the winter time, it gets pretty cold in Toronto so my skin gets pretty dry. Purchased at Winners.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask (Luminizing)
The Boscia Luminizing mask is amazing to use if you want your face to radiate and look brightened up. I usually use this every 2 weeks because it is a heavy product. But it definitely does luminize the face.  Gift box from Sephora.

One thought on “Great Skin Routine

  1. i really want to try the bosica mask! it looks amazing 🙂 great post and skincare routine, the only thing i would suggest is to consider investing in a serum (it does wonders and helps prep your skin for moisturizer) ❤

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