BH Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Review



I recently purchased my first set of professional makeup brushes from BH Cosmetics  for a really good price of $19.

Now you are probably thinking yea that is a good price for the 15 different kinds of makeup brushes that you receive but how is the quality of the brushes? Well thats what I’m going to discuss.

When I first open the box I was impressed with the bag that they put the makeup brushes in its a nice chocolate brown colour with the rose gold accent handle. When you roll it out, each brush had its own pocket which I find is very useful in maintaining the brushes and helps to keep them protected.

The brushes themselves are amazing, super soft and they put on the eyeshadow, foundation and powder so effortlessly. Which is what a good brush should do. It definitely helps that the price isn’t terrible that you can buy a nice set of brushes without hurting your wallet. In addition, to the quality of brushes I also love the colours for the brushes a soft chocolate brown with rose gold detail is just beautiful.

The 15 different kinds of brushes include the following:

Brow & Lash spooley, grooming brush, fine eyeliner brush, small detailing brush, angled liner brush, small classic eyeshadow brush, tapered smudge brush, small tapered blending brush, curved shading brush, angled shadow brush, large classic shadow brush, tapered blending brush, classic foundation brush, angled blush & powder brush & powdered brush.


Let me know which brush you use or would recommend, I’m open to trying different kinds of makeup brushes just to add to my collection. Also tell me some of the common issues you have with makeup brushes?


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