Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer Review





I just recently bought the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in the shade fair. I bought this concealer at Sephora about a week ago and wore it for New Years Eve celebration, which I think is the perfect time to test it out and see how long it lasted and whether it actually was creaseless. These are just some of my personal views and thoughts on the concealer.

On the Sephora website it states that this concealer is

 “long-lasting, full coverage in a creamy, velvety texture with pure skin-soothing ingredients. This high-performance natural           formula is infused with tarte’s pure maracuja oil, which helps to improve skin’s texture, tone, and moisture content while             imparting a brightening, dewy, luminous finish.”Sephora

The key words being long-lasting, full coverage, with a creamy and velvety texture. All of these words I have to definitely agree, and I think it honours what it says. I kept hearing amazing things about Tarte products and I was really happy that all of it was true to it’s words.

At first when you put the product on you think wow this is a really thick product, with a similar thickness to clay. However, once you give some warmth to the product and dab it into the under eye area it works out to be very creamy. The concealer blends rather easily, I would recommend using a beauty blender rather then a brush. But that is just my opinion. I’d also recommend that you warm the product up first before putting straight to the skin.

The texture of the product is exactly as it states which is velvety and smooth and it strictly provides the nice luminous effect underneath your eyes. The reason why I love this product is the fact that for someone who has very dark circles underneath the eyes and veins that show, it conceal it and brightens up my eyes. So that is definitely a plus for this product.

The price is $29 CAD, which is again rather pricy but with any Sephora product it’s hard to find something that is relatively affordable or within a reasonable price range. Now the big question is would I invest money or repurchase this product, I definitely would. Especially since I’ve finally found a product that didn’t crease and provided me with bright eyes.

Let me know if you have tried the Tart Concealer and what your thoughts were or if you would recommend any other concealer that I should try. 

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