Urban Decay – Naked 1 & 3 Review



I’ve been wanting to try the Urban Decay Naked Palettes so badly that I finally picked out the two that I really loved and thought I could get some good use out of it. I ended up getting the Naked Palette 1 and 3. Naked 1 has more of earthy, warm and golden colours to it, leaning more towards the brown shades. While Naked 3 palette has more of the soft pink and rose gold look to it. Both palettes have matte colours and shimmery. My review on these two palettes will be based on colour variation, texture, and lasting ability.

1. Colour Variation: The colour options are amazing and you can do a lot of various looks with it. From neutral eye look that works perfect for work or an appointment/meeting, to a night time evening look. I’ve yet to see how many different looks I can make but so far I was able to do 5, and I’m sure you can do much more if you get really creative.

2. Texture: The texture of the palette is outstanding it glides on really well, smooth and creamy. Which is something I prefer in my shadows. I find that the shadows are much better when you spray your makeup brushes with some water mist (like the Evian mist) it helps to pack on the eye shadow and makes it really stand out. The shimmery colours are a bit harder to work with you have to really layer it on for it to show. In particular the Naked 3 palette.

3. Lasting Ability: Overall, the shadows stay on for quite a bit. It definitely lasts longer and better when you put on the eyeshadow primer, which both Naked palettes provide a sample of all four of there eyeshadow primers. It works okay without the eyeshadow primer but if I had to give one suggestions it be ….. primer.

Overall satisfaction is a 8 out of 10. I love the colours that they provide, they work really well with my eye colour makes my eye stand out. I love the selection of matte and shimmery. I do find that the palette are rather pricy they are $64.00 CAD dollars, so it isn’t something on the cheap side. But at the end I do think you are getting your money’s worth and it should last you quite a long time.

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