Makeup Wants for 2015



These are just 3 beauty wants that I’ve been meaning to get but still haven’t invested the time in buying it. But I’m going to get these and try them out and do a review. Let me know what beauty products you have been meaning to try out and why.

1. Lorac Pro Palette       2. Zoeve Beauty Brushes      3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting

loracpropalette      zoevebrushes        Hourglass glow

1. I’ve been wanting to try Lorac pro since all the beauty gurus of youtube have been recommending it. The colours are beautiful and useful for daytime looks and nighttime looks. It seems very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette (colour wise) but I’m sure the texture is different.

2. Zoeve brushes, I’ve heard about these gorgeous brushes through Essie Button’s beauty blog. And I love me Essie Button, she recommends awesome beauty products and these brushes look like they are amazing quality.

3. The hourglass ambient lighting palette looks like a beautiful palette for getting beautiful luminescent skin tone and I love getting that glow look to me.

5 thoughts on “Makeup Wants for 2015

  1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder luminous light is coming my way as we speak 🙂 Zoeva 109 contour brush is amazing,can’t tell you about other brushes, because everything else is from Sigma ❤ But you have a great wishlist! Mine is too long….

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