Product Review: Latisse



Are you constantly trying to find ways to make your eyelashes longer and fuller?

I think that’s the case for most women I know. We all generally want those beautiful full lashes. Well Latisse seems to be the product for that and you’re probably wondering whether it actually works. The quick answer to your question is, YES.

There seems to be two sides to the Latisse debate, people who are all for it or people who are against it. I’m here to provide you with some anecdotal experience with the Latisse product and hopefully it can provide you with clarification and information for a better understanding of what it does and what the end results were for me.

Funny enough, Allergan was developing Latisse for a completely different purpose. This product was developed in 2001 to help medicate elevated intraocular pressure in the eye. Instead, doctors recognized that people who were using these eye drops were developing longer and even thicker lashes. With some further studying, bimatoprost was the chemical responsible for the growth and thus Latisse was brought to the beauty community.

Here is some of the information regarding this product…

COST: roughly $125-150CAD (this price range is from what I’ve noticed)

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST?  I used the 3ml bottle (supposed to last for 6 months). There are two sizes.

WHERE TO PURCHASE? Usually you can search various beauty related spa’s that may offer it or you can search on the Latisse website for a Doctor’s office that carries the brand. Or it can be ordered online from the actual company.

ROUTINE: This product goes on a nicely clean face, and preferentially prior to bed so that you decrease the chances of touching or rubbing your eyes. It is crucial that this product does not get into your eyes. You are provided with a bunch of brushes in the box. On the brush you place a few drops of the product and you apply as close as possible to your lash line. This product is required to be used every night, for roughly 6 months, for the best results.

WORTH THE MONEY? If you are truly looking for those long beautiful eyelashes and you hate having to constantly use low-end or drug store products, then yes this product is totally worth it. I would say stop wasting your money on those cheap products and get the real deal. However, if you are not preoccupied by long lashes and you are okay with using your regular mascara then don’t bother buying it. That’s simply how I see it.

My overall experience has been great, I’ve achieved the long lashes I wanted. I wish I took a before picture to indicate how they were prior to using Latisse but I completely didn’t think about it. But I can truly guarantee that it works. A few of my coworkers who recommended the product to me used it and man do they have intense and long eyelashes. I’ll be honest I was not religious with using the product, I didn’t use it everyday for 6 months. I actually still have some of the product that I use here and there. However, for those 3 weeks that I did use I got some killer eyelashes and they are still maintaining and I get complements on them 🙂

Senka-Latisse Results

If you are thinking of purchasing Latisse, let me know in the comment section. As well, let me know how it goes for you whether it worked out or not. Hopefully it does.

❤ Senka


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