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♥♥♥November Favourites

November was definitely the month of makeup. I got into a craze of just trying different beauty products and there were a ton that I enjoyed and kept going back to. Let start the list from top left box…

Eye Products:

  • MAYBELLINE – Dreamlumi (Highlighting Concealer): This product is amazing, not only can you conceal those under-eye dark circles it also gives you a nice illumination effect. The product itself isn’t heavy or greasy and it blends very well with the skin.
  • HARD CANDY Eyeliner (Geisha): For a Walmart product I have to say Hard Candy is my favourite. This purple/eggplant eyeliner is creamy and lasts a pretty long time, even on the waterline. It builds up really nicely, meaning that since its a purple colour it isn’t instantly overly powerful.
  • SEPHORA – Nano Eyeliner (22 Glitter Brown): I truly love this eyeliner because it is really pointy, making it easy to make a slim upper line and you can get close to the lash line. The colour is beautiful, glides on creamy and is perfect for when you want to do a pretty but natural eye look without it being harsh. I say this brown eyeliner colour is just the perfect look for work.
  • ANASTASIA – Beverly Hills Brow Pencil:This pencil came in the GO Brow Kit from Sephora. The colour happened to match me perfectly, it glides on nicely and it’s easy to build the colour. There is a reason why everyone loves the Anastasia brand for when you want to achieve those amazing well groomed eyebrows.

Makeup Tools:

  • Precision Beauty – Stippling Brush: I’m not too sure of the brand since I threw out the box. However, I do remember getting it at Winners and it was an amazing price ($8.99CAD) and the quality is similar to the professional expensive makeup brushes. I use this product primarily for when I’m using liquid foundation, or if I’m buffering out the remaining product on my face. The brush is super soft and mixes the product nicely.
  • Foundation Sponge: A Winners brand again, and this sponge is similar to the Beauty Blender from Sephora. The only difference is the price – Sephora ($30CAD) and Winners ($6.99CAD). It blends beautifully, making your skin look radiant and is a great tool for beginners in applying makeup, such as myself.
  • ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Tweezers: These small tweezers also came in the Go Brow kit and they work amazing. Due to the small size they can get into tight spaces which is helpful for tiny face eyebrows (if that makes sense). As well, I am an extreme perfectionist when it comes to my eyebrows so it helps to have amazing tweezers.

Face & Other:

  • MAYBELLINE – The Rocket (Volume Mascara): If I want voluminous eyelashes I go for this product. I haven’t been having issues with clumped eyelashes from this formula. I love the handle its nice and thick and the bristles are stiff making it nice to glide on the lashes, I hate when you have a flimsy brush head making your eyelashes look all over the place.
  • JACK BLACK – Lip Therapy: Love that it is SPF 25, amazing for the winter time, and gives you a nice gloss finish without being sticky. My favourite scent from all was the Grapefruit & Ginger, I think the ginger gives you a little bit of a tingling effect on your lips.
  • MAYBELLINE – Fit Me Foundation Stick: (120 Classic Ivory) I love how the stick glides on, it’s definitely hassle-free. I’m not to sure about the shine-free centre component since I don’t have a huge issue with shine. The texture is definitely creamy when its on the skin. The coverage is light to medium, but I have noticed that it does not stay on as long if your sweating more than usual.
  • NIVEA – Pure & Natural Lip Balm: The flavour is Milk & Honey, and the smell is absolutely wonderful and faint. It glides on nicely and keeps the lips moisturized, especially during the winter season.

Face Cleansers:

  • Fresh – Soy Face Cleanser: (For All Skin Types) ($17.50CAD) I got the small version at the Sephora checkout line to see what the hype was about. So far, I am really enjoying the product. A little goes a long way with it, meaning that you don’t need a lot of product and it still cleans your face and takes off most of your remaining makeup. The only thing I’m not enjoying is the scent, which is that it doesn’t have a scent at all. I personally enjoy having a nice scent just to get my day going nicely.
  • NIVEA – Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
  • CLARINS – Exfoliating Facial Cleanser: This product smells amazing (a citrus hint) and definitely wakes you up in the morning. The beads aren’t to harsh so you can technically use every other day if you wanted. I got the tester size from Sephora and a little goes a long way for this product as well which I love because when I purchase the bigger size it will last me longer.

Non-Beauty Related:

  • The SHEARER CANDLES – Pink Fig Blossom: Purchased at Winners for $6.99CAD, this candle smells BEAUTIFUL. It is a very delicate smell, meaning that it isn’t overpowering. I’ll be honest I can’t wait to use up the candle, only so that I can use the cup for something else.
  • BRITNEY SPEARS– Midnight Fantasy: This girly and fruity scent is amazing. This scent works perfectly for the fall/winter season due to its muskiness. This is how it’s best described “exotic framboise, black cherry, and plum… amber, musk and vanilla create a dark and warm trail”

I would love to read what your favourite products were for the month of November, or just products you love in general.

♥ Senka



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